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Every comedian is trying to get booked these days, so it’s hard for us to stand out in the crowd. Getting booked is tough. But, if you just think a little differently, you can really capitalize on your colleagues’ lack of creativity and get yourself on more shows. Just fill out this sheet and stick it inside the notebooks of all your favorite comedy show producers and watch as the bookings start to roll in!

Dear Loved Comedy Colleague,

Hey, you know which comic has really been killing it lately? If I had to pick one, it would have to be [__insert_name__]. Did you see how well he/she did at [__last_show_you_did__]? The performance was completely earth-shattering! He/she absolutely [__killed/crushed/slayed__] it up there! I’ve never seen a more impressive set of comedy in my life.. .truly, without exaggeration. You know what? [__insert_name__] seems to do well in every single type of room there is: [__type_of_room__], [__type_of_room__], [__type_of_room__] – doesn’t matter! [__insert_name__] will murder no matter what!

I think all of us in the comedy community are currently asking ourselves the same question: how is [__insert_name__] NOT booked more?!

Well anyways, I was randomly thinking the other day about how the fantastic comedy show you produce, [__name_of_booker’s_show__], is really quite well-run. Not only that, [__name_of_booker’s_show__] is an amazing platform for rising comics, such as [__insert_name__].

Hey there.. .I just had a great idea!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen [__insert_name__] on your show, but I couldn’t think of a better comic to book! Not only would [__insert_name__] do well, but I’m sure he/she would be [__adjective__] to you and the other producers and performers, tip the wait staff [__adverb__], and invite [__number__] of his/her closest paying friends to the show!

I just wanted to say what a great job I thought this particular comedian was doing in relation to his/her other colleagues. That’s all I wanted to say! Nothing like a bit of altruistic compliments from one person to another regarding a third-party comedian.. .don’t we need more of this type of positive non-competitive camaraderie in the comedy community??


A very trusted close anonymous friend of yours (whom you can trust)


This post was written by Stu Melton, a NYC comedian and creator of ACN. You can find him on twitter @tellsjokes.

The featured image was taken from Mad Libs and, well, edited. 

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