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Some comedy sites are all serious. Other comedy sites are all funny. There’s no good reason you shouldn’t have both, which is why A Comedian’s Notebook is an amalgam of the two! News, interviews, satire, listicles, and videos are great, but they all tend to fall starkly on the side of “humor” or the side of “about humor.” “Humor” usually doesn’t tell you much and “about humor” usually isn’t that funny.

The best content is a hodgepodge of funny, informative, and meaningful.. .all at the same time. People should be able to write about comedy and still have a sense of humor about it. Analysis of stand up comedy with a sense of humor – that’s what this is about. That might sound grandiose, but I also used the word “hodgepodge” so how serious can I be? A Comedian’s Notebook: taking comedy seriously, but not too seriously. 

A Comedian’s Notebook is written and edited by Stu Melton. A bunch of other amazing comedians also write original articles and humor pieces for the blog. Other (usually) comedian artists make the awesome original art that goes along with it. New articles every Tuesday.

Some pretty cool people think that ACN is pretty cool.  ACN has been featured by SplitsiderThe InterrobangThe Comic’s ComicChortleLong Awkward Pause, and Comedy Binge Festival. The blog has also been shared by comedians such as Mike Lawrence and Mike Birbiglia.

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